7 Summer Style Secrets | Hot Weather Fashion Hacks

Here in Wisconsin, it hit 90 degrees F.

People were freaking out. 

I’ll admit it was hot for me too.

But I have also traveled the world…

So I know if you live in places like:

  • Singapore
  • Southern Texas
  • Nevada
  • Bangkok
  • Southern California

Then you know REAL HEAT. 

When it starts hitting triple digits staying stylish can be dreadful.

In today’s article, I have come up with 7 tips that you can use to dress your best no matter the temperatures.

What are the 7 hacks that you can use to cheat the heat? Scroll below to find out.

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Hack 1: Rock a Hat & Cooling Bandanas

There are two schools of thought on whether or not hats will keep you cool in the summer. Detractors of this notion contend that the hat will trap heat and your head may swelter.

Those who support this theory point out that the brim or bill of a hat provides shade to the head and face. It’s important to note that rays from the sun transmit additional heat. It’s no secret that being in the shade is cooler than being exposed to the sun.

As such, I am a staunch supporter of wearing a sharp hat during the summer. I do suggest that you sport a hat made out of lightweight and breathable material to offset the trapped heat.

Another option is the cooling bandana. This nifty item is great for summer time when you and the family are doing outdoor activities such as:

  • Camping
  • Athletic competitions and games
  • Vacations
  • Day parties and social events

The cooling bandana is only for working/leisurely or very casual looks. It is not to be worn with a business suit.


Hack 2: Performance Fabrics Rule

It’s important that your garments are made from fabrics that are specifically designed to combat the heat. These kinds of fabrics are should be

  • Lightweight – the fabric should not be very thick and hard to move in
  • Breathable – these types of textiles allow air to pass through them for ventilation
  • Moisture wicking – synthetic fabric that’s designed to pull moisture away from the skin

Fabrics that are most common in the hot months are

  • Cotton – light and breathable (especially in woven shirts such as pique polos as well as inexpensive
  • Linen – lightweight and breathable; doesn’t retain moisture (dries really quickly) and generally considered the coolest option
  • Synthetic blends – Think about the material that’s in active wear.

All of these fabrics can be styled effortlessly and work well in a bevy of different looks. You can look cool and be cool when wearing them. Click here learn more about fabrics that are great for the hottest time of the year.


Hack 3: Wear the Right Shorts

Shorts are a no brainer during the hottest times of the year. They allow for ventilation because of the exposed leg. However, there are some considerations when it comes to looking great.

Avoid bulky shorts – shorts with this aesthetic are usually made with heavier fabric as they are for environments that require the clothes to be sturdy. Heavier fabrics equal more heat.

No cargo shorts – they may have great use because of the storage capabilities but if you don’t need them don’t wear them. Cargo shorts can have as many 8 pockets. When you have that many pockets you tend to put stuff in them. The more things you carry, the hotter you will be.

Comfortable – Pick the shorts constructed from the kind of summer fabric that works best for you. Remember, they don’t have to be baggy to be comfortable. It’s all in the fabric.


Hack 4: Lightweight Trousers vs. Jeans

We’re talking about fabric again!

Denim is rugged/durable and thick. All of these are a ready-made recipe for trapping heat around your legs. Jeans are perfect for developing swamp crotch (the sweating and resulting odor from the heat that’s locked in near your boys).

To alleviate this, insert lightweight trousers instead. They are more breathable and comfortable. The fine fabric allows for more movement.

Now there are types of denim and denim blends that are touted to be worn in the summer but they do not compare to a pair of cotton or cotton blend trousers.

In the summer months, the plethora of vibrant colors that many brands and designers offer make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Hack 5: Warm Weather Button Downs

Ideally, you would wear short sleeve shirts the whole hot season but that’s probably not practical. You may have a job where short sleeves may be out of uniform or you may have an event where they would be inappropriate.

When these types of occasions come up, you want to have a shirt that performs and is stylish. The best option is to wear a lightweight breathable dress shirt that is made for warm weather.

Heavy fabric long sleeves mean: Contained body heat, pit stains from sweat, extra wrinkling

A warm weather button down is made with these realities in mind and created to address these factors. Again, the goal is to remain a man of style while keeping as cool as you possibly can.

The shirt must be well fitting with and have excellent construction. These features must always be a priority.


Hack 6: No Show Socks

Summertime is known for a bit of irreverence and fun. The same applies to style. When wearing your summer chinos or denim, it’s common for gents to roll up the legs of their pants and show a little ankle.

Now, this isn’t done with suits or other business/formal looks. It’s for casual only.

This is where the no-show socks come in. It would be weird to have your socks on and your pants rolled up to the ankle. Doing this would make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Socks are important because they keep your feet dry. Sweat is a result of a barefoot in a shoe…which will lead to odor and possible fungus. Socks help this to not happen. In summer, no show socks that sit below the quarter are the way to go


Hack 7: Take A Cold Shower Before Going Out (And More) 

Here’s where things can get fun. Heat is constant during summer. What’s not a given is how our bodies will react to it. Each individual is different so it is imperative that you find a regimen that works for you and your particular body chemistry. Clothes will help you remain cool but there are others ways to achieve maximum freshness.

  • No undershirt – layers pack in the heat. Try going without an undershirt to minimize this effect. It’s best to wear a shirt made of sweat-wicking material when not wearing an undershirt.
  • Check to see how your shirt reacts to sweat – this can be done by trying on the shirt and walking around the store or moving rigorously in the dressing room. It seems odd but you will be able to gauge the breathability and if it retains water.
  • Cold shower right before going out – showering with cool or tepid (just below) body temperature will lower the body temperature in a healthy manner; showering frequently
  • Use cooling soaps with products such as lemongrass, spearmint – these have mentholated effects that cool and soothe
  • Store lotions in the refrigerator – apply right out of the icebox for a cool and moisturizing layer
  • Wear loose fitting clothes – garments should be loose and free-flowing not wide and baggy. Loose clothing helps with the breathability.
  • Play with light colors – fabrics with lighter colors retain less heat. Break out the soft yet bright tones that will look great in the sun

Use a combination of any of these with a wardrobe that has been intentionally built with fabrics that will reduce heat for the coolest look ever.


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