6-hacks-for-growing-out-your-short-haircut/ 6 Hacks For Growing Out A Short Haircut

Take it from me, there’s nothing — nothing — like making the chop and cutting your hair short. It’s liberating, it’s chic, it’s game-changing, it’s always on-trend. There’s so many reasons to cut your hair short this year (and every year). And once you get cropped, there are a lot of versatile ways to style a crop, and tons of great products out there for short hair.

But what about when you’re ready to change things up and… grow it out? It’s daunting. In fact, many people hesitate to cut their hair short because they’re dreading the almost-inevitable growing-out process — that in-between stage between having that great short crop and getting to the point where you can start experimenting with dreamy hairstyles for shortish hair like dutch braids and top knots.

If you’ve taken the plunge into short hair and now you’re ready to, um, take another plunge (without the adrenaline rush) of growing your hair out, here are some great hacks and tips.

1. Feed Your Hair

Growing your hair out starts with eating healthy, hair-friendly foods, not just popping a multi-vitamin every day. These foods range from downing a cold one (yes, beer contains silicon!) to snacking on almonds.

2. Daily Maintenance

Besides eating healthy, there are daily ways to make sure your hair is healthy and growing at an optimal speed (that means cutting back on chemical treatments, loading up on conditioner, and resting your head upon a silk pillowcase each night (seriously!).

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

“Make hair accessories your best friend,” suggests Michelle Cleveland, hair stylist and extension artist at Hair Addict and Extension Bar in Toms River, New Jersey. Cleveland advises adding “clips, pins, headbands, and hats” and I second that emotion — what’s cuter than a short crop with some strategically-placed clippies, barrettes, etc.?? 

4. Invest In Bobby Pins


During the growing-out process, bobby pins will also become your best friend. Your BFF. Bobby pins (like these at Walgreens for .99 cents) are a cheap date. You and bobby pins will get a house together. You will never forget bobby pins.

5. Get Creative

Once your hair starts growing, no matter how choppy it is as it evolves into layers, you’ll have more to play with. “Get creative,” Cleveland says. “I love taking a short shoulder length bob and strategically placing the hair to look like a long updo courtesy of some bobby pins and a strong holding hairspray!” (Remember #4??)

6. Extend Your Options

“Hair extensions don’t always have to be a large investment. Clip-in hair extensions can easily be added and removed at your leisure and can be a game changer when growing out a short cut,” Cleveland explains, adding that, “There are several more semi-permanent options available.” 

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This article was written by Luisa Colón and originally posted by SHESAID.

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