5 top content writing tips for beginners

Content is king. This isn’t just a catchphrase; it is the truth. Your content is the voice of your brand. It’s what potential customers react to, relate to and hopefully, interact with. In addition, quality content plays a crucial role when it comes to being found through search engines. If you don’t update your website, optimise your copy for SEO or use social media for leverage, you’ll never crack the first page of Google, no matter how great your product or service is. So, do you feel like giving writing a shot? Well, these content writing tips for beginners will get you started.

1) Define your audience

Who are you writing for? If you are selling fashion items, the language you use must be trendy and appealing to your potential customers. Do your market research to find out what makes your customers tick and will generate the most interest in your brand. If your target audience is happy to consume your content, it will lead them to associate your business with their interests and encourage them to become loyal customers.

2) Create original content

This sounds like one of the most obvious content writing tips for beginners but it goes without saying that copying somebody’s work is to be avoided at all costs. Not only is it illegal, but it will also send your brand right to the bottom of the pile when it comes to search results. Read content created by peers for inspiration, but make the topics you choose your own and link them back to your product or services. Don’t hesitate to inject a little bit of personality in your content and be consistent when you do so. People latch onto a tone they like and appreciate original content, which is why some bloggers and vloggers become so successful. That is what you should be aiming for.

3) Less is more

This may sound counter-intuitive but keep to the point when you flesh out your content. This is one of those content writing tips for beginners that is not always easy to grasp. Aim for a conversational tone that gets to the point quickly.  How you approach this will be defined by your target audience and your market research. That, and a bit of trial and error in the beginning. One of the easiest ways to figure out if your content is appropriately paced is to read it out loud, to yourself if need be. You’ll get a feel for how it comes across and can make amendments where necessary.

4) A picture can convey more than a thousand words

Humans are visual beings. Before we invented script, we drew and painted on rock walls. This is still true today. Online content should be easy to digest. Adding appealing visuals to concise copy helps to make your content enjoyable to digest. Any images you use should integrate seamlessly with your overall brand identity. Naturally, your pictures should also be relevant to the topic you are writing about.

5) There’s more to talk about than just your business

This last point in our list of content writing tips for beginners is probably one of the most important ones as it wraps up the four previous points in one neat little package. You’ve defined your target audience and tone of voice, gathered killer visuals to supplement your content and established the ideal copy length. The trick is now to write compelling content that your consumer base will relate to without being obvious about your ultimate motive: conversion. A fascinating read on an industry specific topic will tell your audience that your business understands their needs, interests and challenges. A blatant sales pitch will tell your audience that you are trying to fool them into buying whatever you are selling.

There are many more crucial considerations when writing engaging, interesting and valuable content. We’ve collated this information in our eBook, ‘Your Playbook for Better Content Writing’. Interested? You can check it out below:


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