5 Style Hacks Women LOVE (and will notice!)

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Sometimes a few simple hacks can make a huge difference in your overall look, and trust us, women are definitely going to notice. The great thing is, these are super simple, in some cases, cost zero money, and are tricks that anyone can pull off.

Here are 5 style hacks women LOVE, and will notice!


Tuck in your shirt in the front just a bit

A small move that adds a little bit of polish but never looks too formal, this quick trick is a super-easy way to show you’ve got some serious style skills.


Add a watch or slim metal cuff

A little arm candy is really sexy and adds a noticeable, stylish touch to your outfit. Make sure you use good judgment and don’t over-accessorize though, it can look amateurish. We’ve run down a few more accessorizing tips, our favorite metal cuffs, and watch tips in the past as well.


A black or navy bomber jacket

There’s something really sexy about this item, it’s just a style that compliments every man no matter his body shape, height or age. Obviously there are other jacket styles out there but this one is always so irresistible because it looks so fresh and understated.  It’s great casually or dressed up and goes with every type of pants.


Officine Generale



Brooks Brothers


Stick with a simple outfit formula

Sometimes (ok, most often times) less is more. At the end of the day, it’s when you look like you’re trying too hard that turns women off. Our favorite formula women will definitely love? A great-fitting tee, tucked slightly in, some slim dark wash jeans, a bomber jacket on top and a pair of fresh kicks on the bottom. Understated, stylish and very sexy.


A fresh haircut

Yup, it’s that simple, and there’s nothing sexier. It might not seem like a big deal or even noticeable, but trust me, women notice. We’ve run down all of the best haircuts women love before, (and a few women don’t like) so check those out!

How To, Quick Tips

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