35 Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Safe And Cozy This Winter

Count on these cold weather hacks to see you and your homestead through the freezing winter. Learn useful winter hacks for your car, and tips to stay warm outside.

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Cold Weather Hacks for Savvy Homesteaders

Use these old tips and new tricks to keep warm and safe in the cold. These snow day hacks are effective in my homestead and could be for yours, too.

Continue reading to find out which cold weather hacks suit you best!

1. Natural Common Cold and Flu Remedy

The common cold and flu are some of the side effects of winter weather. Drown the symptoms of cold and flu with these home remedies.

They’re all-natural, effective, and right in your budget.

You will also want to boost your immune system this cold season. These natural ingredients will do a good job at it.

2. Make Recycled Sweater Mittens


Avoid buying new and costly sets of mittens this season. Rummage through your closet for suitable materials to repurpose or upcycle.

You can make this pair of cozy and comfy mittens from old knitted sweaters. Make use of your winter season downtime for some fun upcycled sweater projects.

3. Waterproof Canvas Shoes With Wax

You don’t have to stash your canvas shoes in the closet this winter. Homesteaders have a way to make them waterproof and winter-ready.

Follow this simple and easy trick on how to waterproof canvas shoes with wax.


4. Light Up Some Candles

How To Make a Candle Photo by DIY Projects

Light up some candles to add heat while cutting down on electric bills. Don’t worry about spending on them either because you’ll learn how to make your own instead.

Take this homemade candle tutorial and personalize your candles with scents you love. Enjoy warm air and a mood-boosting scent in your cozy room.

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  • Approximate burn time of 50 hours
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5. Make Your Bike Tires Winter-Ready with Zip Ties

Anyone who has ever tried to use their bike in the winter will tell you how the snow can be very treacherous. When avoiding the use of bikes isn’t an option, winter weather-proof them without the expense.

Try this amazing winter hack and keep those tires rolling in the winter weather.

6. Keep Warm with a Cup of Delicious Hot Chocolate

Make the best cup of hot chocolate with this delicious hot cocoa recipe. Stay warm and comfy in the cold winter weather.

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to keep your body heat.

7. Use Old Quilts as Curtains to Help Keep the Heat Inside


Use old quilts as curtains to help keep the heat inside. If you have thicker quilts, all the better.

They will be perfect to ward off the cold air busting through your windows. It’s a simple energy-saving hack to try in your homestead this winter.

8. Dead Battery Hand Warmers

Dead Battery Hand Warmers Photo by Instructables

Use the ‘dead’ alkaline batteries’ last bit of energy as a hand warmer. This isn’t much but every little energy will help this winter.

Remember to use only dead batteries and not new ones. Also, use only alkaline batteries.

Drain out the last remaining energy from the batteries. Use a 1-ohm resistor to connect the terminals.

9. Make Your Own Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

Homemade Granite Cleaner Recipe Photo by Fabulessly Frugal

What liquid can resist the freezing temperature? High proof vodka or 99% alcohol is your answer!

Pour 8 ounces of either alcohol or vodka in an empty and clean 1-gallon jug. Fill it with water leaving room for an ounce of castile liquid soap.

Add the soap, mix, and pour the homemade windshield washer fluid into the correct area.

10. Tinfoil to Keep House Warm

Ecosavers Easy Fit Radiator Foil Photo by Smartgreenshop

Boost the power of your wall-mounted radiator or heater. Place a layer of tinfoil opposite the wall.

This will help reproduce the heat into the room. Be careful not to use anything else flammable.

11. Slip-Proof Shoes Hack

How to Make Screw Shoes for Winter Running Photo by Through A Running Lens

Slippery lanes and driveways are a problem in the winter. Screws in your shoes can help you gain traction in the slippery snow.

Stick small screws around the sides of your shoes’ soles. Be careful not to have the screws exposed in the sole or they might hurt you.

12. Pipe Insulation as Draft Blockers

Winter Life Hacks To Keep You Warm Photo by Instructables

Frosty air getting inside your home is a problem in old houses with wide gaps under the doors. There are draft blockers for sale, but the prices can be outrageous.

Use a piece of pipe insulation to fill in the gaps. Slice along the length of the pipe and slide it underneath the door.

13. Windshield Wipers Trick


Stick your windshield wipers in the air and cover them with old socks. This way your wipers won’t stick to your windows.

Simple, yet one of the most ingenious winter hacks for your car!

14. Terra Cotta Pot Heater

You can make a DIY heater with terracotta pots. All you need is a clay pot or three (depending on your design), large stones, and some candles.

Make sure to follow safety precautions when using your finished product.

15. DIY Wool Insoles

Wool Insoles Photo by Maya Made

Add warmth and coziness to your pair of winter booths or mucks. Make a pair of insoles from some old woolen moss felt.

Pull out the thin insoles from inside your boots for your pattern. Cut them out and slide them inside your boots.

Now you have warm and toasty feet with this simple winter trick.

16. DIY Slipper Boots

Upcycle Sweater Slipper Boots Photo by Home Sweet Soul

With mittens covered, take on this DIY slipper boots project next. It’s another upcycled sweater project to match your upcycled sweater mittens.

Use the sleeves of a knitted sweater for the leg pieces. Cut a separate piece from the fabric for the soles.

Stitch to connect the sole and leg piece and it’s done!

17. Thawing a Frozen Lock


Imagine trying to get indoors with an unseen assailant after you. You try your key and surprise, surprise — frozen lock!

Talk about worst-case scenarios. But with or without an assailant, frozen locks are a bummer.

Always have a lighter handy in your purse or pocket in winter. Heat the keys with a lighter to thaw the lock.

18. Make Your Own Hand Warmers

The 5 Minute Instant Hand Warmer! Photo by Instructables

Stop rubbing your hands raw against each other when you can make hand warmers. We can never have enough hand warmers in the winter so have fun making more than you need.

Give them to your family and friends as a gift and warm their hearts!

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19. Keep a Car Mat Nearby


Keeping a car mat in your truck will come in handy and is very useful in case your tires need traction. You never know when your winter tires will need a little help.

20. Open the Curtains When the Sun Is Out


This may seem like a no-brainer. But sometimes even we homesteaders forget to try the simplest things first!

Utilizing natural energy is the cheapest way to keep warm during winter. Open the curtains wide to let the sunlight and warmth in.

21. Run Your Ceiling Fan on Low and Spin It Clockwise


Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise. Doing this will push the warm air rising to the ceiling back down.

Do this a couple of times to produce warm air around the room.

22. Leave the Oven Door Open After Baking Your Goodies


Make good use of the piping hot oven after baking. Leaving the oven door open after baking will release the heat into the surrounding area.

This will give you a burst of delicious-smelling warm air, as well.

23. Insulate Using Running Tights or Pantyhose


Winter clothing hacks aren’t in short supply online. But keeping warm with clothes is simple.

Layering up doesn’t always mean adding lots of bulk. Use running tights or pantyhose under your regular pants to keep warm.

It’s about quality, not quantity!

24. Close Unused Rooms to Concentrate Heat in One Area


It’s hard to heat up a room with all the doors and windows open on cold nights. Close the doors to a room where the family gathers, say, the living room.

This will concentrate all the heat in this room and keep your family warm.

25. Park Facing East


By facing east where the sunlight is coming from, the frost in your car will melt fast. Let the sun’s heat do a lot of your snow removal work for you.

That’s letting Mother Nature take care of you.

26. Waterproof Your Socks with This Hack


It’s not only uncomfortable but also dangerous to walk in the snow with your socks wet. Keep your feet warm and dry in the snow with plastic bags.

Slip in sandwich or plastic bags in each foot after putting on thin socks.

Two pieces of plastic bags will work for each foot. To secure the bags, slide in another thin sock and you’re good to go.

27. Shovel Hack


Shoveling some snow on cold winter days seems like a monstrous task. Yet it is a must, especially if this is for the driveway.

To make it easier, spray your shovel with non-stick cooking spray. Your shovel will slide with ease on the ice and snow won’t stick.

28. Broom for Light Snow


Now that you know the snow shovel trick, here’s another one. Sweep light snow away with a broom rather than a shovel.

It’s less the effort and the broom will also ensure you get all the light snow.

29. Tin Foil Cleaner


Use a tin foil as a fireplace cleaner is one of the winter cleaning hacks you’ll find very useful. Place a two-fold layer of tin foil at the base of your fireplace before you start a fire.

Once the fire dies out, all you need to do is to pull out the ash-covered tin foil and toss it out.

30. Warm Water Bottles


It’s nice to jump into a toasty bed without spending an extra cent on electricity. Place a couple of warm water bottles on your bed a few minutes before tucking yourself in.

This will give you a warm and comfortable sleep during cold winter nights.

31. Rubbing Alcohol and Dishwashing Liquid Salt Alternatives


If your salt supply is not enough to defrost your walkway, do this trick.

Combine 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid, and 1/2 gallon of hot water. Splash it on your walkways to melt the ice.

32. Orange Peels as Fire Starters


Orange peels make great fire starters, with the skin containing some oil.

To store, toast the peels in a pan and put them in a container or paper bag. Include a pack of silica to hold keep it dry.

33. Maximize the Use of Water After Shower


Don’t let your warm bath water go down the drain. Keep the water in the tub until it comes to room temperature.

This will keep the warm air in a room and add much-needed humidity.

34. Dry up Your Wet Shoes with Microfiber Towels


If your shoes get wet, stuff them with super-absorbent microfiber towels to get the cold out fast! Keep microfiber towels handy wherever you go around wintertime.

35. Place Rugs or Carpet on the Floor and Avoid Heat Loss


If you’re short on rugs but have old quilts or blankets, these can work. Place some rubber non-slip mats under the quilts or blankets to avoid accidents.

Need more winter life hacks? Get more from this video here from Household Hacker!

Knowing these cold weather hacks will help you not just survive, but enjoy the winter weather, too. Put these simple yet practical cold weather tricks and life hacks to the test. Try these cold weather hacks to find out how effective they are in your homestead!

Do you have any other cold weather hacks you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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