33 Hacks That Will Make You Better And Faster At Cleaning

It’s easy to feel you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to cleaning your house. There are so many different kinds of surfaces to keep clean, and they all attract different kinds of messes. But when I’m faced with a tough mess to clean, I just can’t rest until I’ve figured out how to do it! (I’m a bit obsessive that way.) 😉

I was recently reflecting on some of the cleaning tips and tricks I’ve shared over the past few years. It occurred to me that I’ve shared some really good ones, if I do say so myself! So today I thought I’d put together a list of some of my best, most indispensable cleaning tips to share with you. I highly recommend bookmarking this post, so you can return to it quickly whenever you have a cleaning conundrum to solve. Every tip on this list will save you time and effort, no matter what you’re trying to clean!

Here are 33 of my best home cleaning hacks. (Be sure to click on the green button below each item to get instructions or more details.) Enjoy! 🙂

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1. Use lemons to sanitize your garbage disposal.

Make frozen vinegar cubes with small chunks of lemon to clean and sanitize your garbage disposal. It will work better and smell better too!

Clean And Sanitize Your Garbage Disposal

2. Use baking soda and vinegar to unclog your sink.

You can use this old science fair standby to fix a sink that’s draining slowly.

Unclog A Sink

3. Clean the inside of your dishwasher.

Your dishwasher need to be cleaned too! Learn a simple method that will remove all of the gunk and residue that’s lurking on the inside of your dishwasher.

Clean Your Dishwasher

4. Use borax to clean (almost) anything.

Borax is one of the most useful cleaning supplies you can keep on hand. Check out the link below to learn about all the ways you can use it around your house!

31 Uses For Borax

5. Make your own cleaning solution for carpet cleaners.

This cleaning solution is just as effective as the store-bought kinds, but it’s WAY cheaper to make.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

6. Deodorize your garbage can.

Don’t settle for a smelly garbage can. Eliminate those odors with some homemade deodorizing disks!

Homemade Deodorizing Disks

7. Deep-clean your combs and hairbrushes.

When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? In just a few minutes, you can remove all that hair, dead skin, and product buildup from your brushes and combs!

9 Things You Should Clean In Your Bathroom

8. Clean and sanitize your cutting board.

It’s important to keep your cutting board clean and sanitary, no matter what it’s made of!

Solutions For Smelly Kitchen Problems

9. Get that weird smell out of your bath towels.

Residues from commercial or homemade fabric softeners can affect the smell and absorbency of your bath towels. Get your towels back in tip-top shape with this easy cleaning tip.

Quick Fix For Smelly Towels

10. Use a fuzzy sock as a Swiffer pad.

If you don’t want to buy those pricey pad refills for your Swiffer, you can use a fuzzy sock instead! Just pull the sock onto your Swiffer and sweep away!

3 Genius Swiffer Hacks

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11. Get the crusty gunk off your oven racks.

The secret to getting that crusted-on gunk off your oven racks? Use a few dryer sheets! (Give it a try—it really works!)

Clean Your Oven Racks

12. Clean the inside of your oven (the easy way).

You don’t need to resort to hours of scrubbing in order to clean the inside of your oven. Check out the link below to learn a simpler way to get it done!

The Smarter Way To Clean Your Oven

13. Use a trivet to wash your makeup brushes.

Dirty makeup brushes are unhygienic, and they don’t work as well as clean brushes either! Using a silicone trivet makes it easy to get your brushes squeaky clean.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

14. Steam away tough carpet stains.

You can use a bit of ammonia and your clothes iron to remove your toughest carpet stains. I’ve used this method to remove stubborn carpets stains that had been there for months!

Remove Tough Carpet Stains

15. Clean your stove burner pans without scrubbing.

Here’s another scrub-free cleaning tip for burnt-on messes on the pans that rest under your stove burners.

Clean Your Stove Burners

16. Use simple ingredients to clean your glass stovetop.

Learn how to steam clean and scrub your glass cooktop to sparkling clean perfection.

Clean Your Glass Stovetop

17. Remove limescale and hard water from your shower head.

A quick soak in vinegar with make quick work of soap scum and mineral buildup on your shower head.

Best Uses For Vinegar In Your Bathroom

18. Make your microfiber couch look brand new.

Regular wear and tear on your microfiber chairs and sofas can make them look dingy. But a little rubbing alcohol and scrub brush can help you make them look as nice as the day you bought them!

Clean You Microfiber Furniture

19. Clean grimy kitchen cabinets with two ingredients.

Ever noticed that layer of greasy gunk that tends to build up on your kitchen cabinets? I found an easy way to remove it, and you only need two common cleaning ingredients!

Two-Ingredient Cabinet Cleaner

20. Clean the plates on your flat iron.

Learn how to scrub away the crusty gunk that builds up on the plates of your flat iron.

Clean Your Flat Iron

21. Use this secret plumbers’ trick to unclog a toilet.

This 3-step process can be a real life saver in the face of an unexpected toilet crisis. Learn it now so you can use it later!

Easy Trick To Unclog A Toilet

22. Steam clean your microwave.

When it comes to cleaning your microwave, why not let your microwave do most of the work?

Clean Your Microwave

23. Use a stock pot to clean the filter in your range hood.

Your range hood can’t do its job if the filter is clogged with grease and grime. Learn how to clean your filter by boiling it!

Clean Your Stove Hood Filter

24. Use this simple trick to clean your ceiling fans.

If you have an old pillowcase on hand, you can clean all your ceiling fan blades with ease! It’s quick, plus you won’t have dust flying around when you’re done.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan In Two Seconds

25. The quick and easy way to keep your shower clean.

Keep a scrub brush in your shower that’s full of my favorite homemade shower cleaning solution. Give your shower door or walls a scrub each time you shower to keep it clean throughout the week.

Time-Saving Cleaning Shortcuts

26. Use a rubber glove to clean up pet hair.

Put on a rubber glove and drag it across cloth surfaces to pick up cat and dog hair easily.

Time-Saving Cleaning Shortcuts

27. Remove burnt, stuck-on foods from your pots and pans.

Follow the link below to learn 10 different ways to remove burnt food from your pots and pans.

10 Best Ways To Clean Burnt Food

28. Find the smartest way to clean your window blinds.

The best way to clean your blinds depends largely on what kind of blinds you have. Check out the link below to see my best cleaning tips for several common types of window blinds.

The Best Way To Clean Your Blinds

29. Remove candle wax drips from your carpet.

Yes, it IS possible to remove candle wax from your carpets! Learn how at the link below.

Remove Candle Wax From Carpet

30. Use Drano to scrub away stains on concrete.

Leaky exhausts and transmissions in older cars can create unsightly stains on the concrete in your driveway and garage. But this household drain cleaner can help you scrub those stains away in a jiffy!

Cleaning Concrete Stains

31. Clean and freshen your mattress.

All of the dead skin and sweat we leave behind on our mattresses can add up over time. Give your mattress a new lease on life using baking soda and natural essential oils!

Freshen Your Mattress

32. Erase scratches on your dishes.

My white dishes start to look pretty beat up after a while because of all the knife and fork scratches. But a good scrub with a little Barkeeper’s Friend makes them look brand new!

Erase Scratches On Dishes

33. Make cookie sheets look like new.

It may seem like that brown residue on your cookie sheets is impossible to remove, but it isn’t! Check out the link below to learn the easy, 2-ingredient method that will make your cookie sheets look as good as the day you brought them home.

Clean Your Cookie sheets

For more brilliantly simple hacks you won’t want to miss, be sure to check out my eBook Hack Your Life! You can buy it in my shop, or download it for free if you’re an OGT Plus member!

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