3 Pillars To Wealth

When people see performance statistics that good, they instantly become skeptical. It’s just natural. They wonder, “How can something so good be so easy?” or “I wonder what it was they bought that went up so much?”

Well here’s a little secret… 

It’s not what we bought… 

It’s when we sold! 

That’s right. By getting out at the right time, we are able to compound our money from a much higher level. 

Honestly, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. 

Instead of taking $25,000 and seeing it grow to $100,000, only to then watch if fall to $45,000 and then start the growth process all over again, we take $25,000 and watch it grow to $150,000. Then we get out at the right time so that when it’s time to get back in, we’re beginning the growth phase at a much higher starting point. 

Take late-2018 for example. The blue line is THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH, while the red line is the stock market.

You can see that THREE PILLARS and the stock market tracked each other from late-June through late-October. But then things changed. 

One of those three conditions issued a warning. We exited our stock investments, moved to cash, and watched as the stock market crashed just before Christmas. 

Then again in 2020 THREE PILLARS tracked the market up until March when the market saw the biggest one day decline in market history, but THREE PILLARS skipped the bulk of the downdraft keeping our nest egg safe.

That’s what we mean by getting out at the right time!

Then, when the three conditions move back to bullish, we’ll get back in. Only now we are compounding profits from a much higher level!!

Like I said and as the chart shows, it’s the exit that makes the difference.  

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