21 Beauty Tips and Hacks That Actually Work

You can’t carry your entire makeup bag everywhere — and we don’t think you would want to anyway. But when you’re having a beauty emergency or need an easy fix to an annoying makeup problem in a pinch, what do you do? 

Help is here. We’ve got 21 genius ways to get yourself out of beauty conundrums and come out the other side looking flawless. Click through below to see some easy beauty hacks that work like a charm, and be sure to pin your favorites for later.

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Jackie Chu

A self-professed girly girl in tech, Jackie is one of theFashionSpot’s newest health and wellness contributors who loves to inspire others to be fit and fab. Prior to entering the “real world” she had a beauty and health-focused YouTube channel that blossomed to over 160,000 subscribers. In between working full-time and slaving away in front of the computer, she’s also an avid gym goer and dedicated hot yogi who has converted many friends to the Om life. She spends her free time drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, hitting up the local farmers markets and pretending to code. Catch her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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