12 of the Best Renters Insurance Companies

  • Renters insurance is a must because it covers you for property loss, damage and injury
  • The best renters insurance companies are making it easy to sign up completely online
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts if you have more than one insurance policy with them, such as auto or life

The growing number of people who prefer renting to owning a home is a trend with no signs of slowing down. If you’re one of these millions, you may be required to add renters insurance from your property management company or landlord.

Even if it’s not required, you should consider adding it to protect your belongings. It’s affordable and if you happen to experience theft or a disaster, such as a pipe bursting or a fire, you’ll be covered for your belongings.

Is it worth it to have renters insurance?

family moving into new apartment

family moving into new apartment

Absolutely. According to one statistic, 88 percent of burglaries are residential. Renters insurance takes care of the obvious, such as stolen items from a break-in, but did you know it also covers unexpected incidents such as valuables stolen from your vehicle?

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You can typically get covered under good renters insurance for things like:

  • Fire
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Windstorm
  • Water damage
  • Visitor injuries

What is the average renters insurance policy per month?

Think about how much you pay for your Netflix or Spotify subscription and you can get renters insurance for around the same price.

According to Insurance.com, the average cost to be covered up to $40,000 with a $1,000 deductible is about $17 a month.

When you compare this cost to having to replace your couch, electronics, jewelry and other items you own, it adds up. Even though your stuff is just stuff, having it easily recovered with renters insurance is a good thing.

There are dozens of options for good renters insurance, so which is the best one for you? It really depends on how much you’d like to be covered for, and what is important to you in a company, such as 24/7 access to customer service.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reputable company, here are 12 of the best renters insurance companies you should consider.

1. State Farm

state farm

state farm

Source: State Farm

State Farm is known for being a market leader for insurance and its renters insurance is affordable and comprehensive. State Farm does a great job of unmasking the mystery of what renters insurance includes and what kind of coverage you should get. The company is highly ranked and reviewed for customer service and speedy claim recovery.

It also has a dynamic mobile app called Pocket Agent which lets you easily file a claim and if you have auto insurance with them, quickly call for roadside assistance.

As with many insurance companies, you may be able to bundle your State Farm auto insurance with renters insurance for a small discount.

2. Geico



Source: Geico

Known for its little green gecko with a British accent, Geico is a great option for renters insurance. It offers a personal property calculator so you can see how much coverage you need from renters insurance.

Geico has a robust mobile app that allows you to store your insurance cards and receive custom reminders and alerts for your policies. You can also easily pay your bills from the app.

You may also be eligible to receive discounts if you have auto insurance with them, along with a home security system and smoke alarm.

3. Allstate



Source: Allstate

If you’re a techie, you may like Allstate. Its online quote estimating, customer service and policy management tools and apps are top-notch. Allstate Mobile lets you easily pay bills, start claims and review your coverage.

If you have auto insurance through Allstate, you could add renters insurance for as little as $4 a month.

While including a lot of extra protection, like standard water damage coverage, Allstate also lets you trim your policy to save money, such as the option to exclude off-premises theft protection, which can save about 22 percent.

4. Jetty



Source: Jetty

Jetty, an online financial service company, specializes in insurance offerings for both residents and property managers.

It is known for easy-to-understand, affordable policies that are tailored to meet “whatever life throws at you,” such as shattered iPhones and broken laptops.

The company offers affordable policies that are competitive and cover things like:

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Medical payments

It also offers additional valuable add-ons such as:

  • Security deposit coverage
  • Coverage for your lease guarantor requirements
  • Airbnb Host Theft Protection

Jetty can even help if you need someone to cosign your lease.

5. Lemonade



Source: Lemonade

Lemonade is an app-based company that specializes in homeowners and rental insurance, primarily targeted at young renters and urban-dwellers.

Lemonade is known for its quick and automated quote and sign-up system. Download the app, sign up and receive a quote in about 90 seconds. You don’t even have to speak with an agent. You can complete everything from the app.

The website is simple and easy to use, with an in-depth guide on what renters insurance covers.

Lemonade also has a Giveback program which allows you to choose a non-profit that will receive a portion of unclaimed money at year’s end.




Source: USAA

USAA is only available to veterans, active military or a military dependent or relative. The company is highly ranked and is known for its amazing customer service.

According to its website, you can get covered for as little as $12 a month.

If you qualify, you’ll enjoy highly-competitive prices and benefits that are not typically offered from other companies, which include:

  • No coverage limits for valuable items such as TVs and computers
  • Being able to include coverage for disasters such as floods, earthquakes, wind and lightning. (Disaster coverage is usually absent from policies offered from other companies.)
  • Lost or damaged military uniforms without deductible and coverage of possessions while deployed

7. MetLife



Source: MetLife

While all companies cover the stuff inside your apartment, MetLife also covers the outside areas, including storage sheds, carports and garages and dog houses. It also has coverage for damage caused by tornadoes, hail, fire, theft, vandalism and more.

Customer service is available 24/7, which may be an important factor since an emergency or disaster can happen at any time.

But be sure that MetLife coverage is available in your area because not all of its agents handle rental insurance.

8. Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual

liberty mutual

Source: Liberty Mutual

If you’re in the market for a large selection of different options, Liberty Mutual may be your best bet. The standard policy covers you for up to a certain amount for things like:

  • Damage to clothing, electronics and other valuables
  • Injury or property damage to others

Liberty also extends several other discounts if you bundle your insurance. It awards policyholders who don’t file a claim for five years with a special discount.

9. Nationwide Mutual Insurance



Source: Nationwide

From the major providers, Nationwide’s rental policy is the most customizable, as well as best for extended coverages. The company also provides an easy-to-use online quote calculator.

The company also offers multi-policy discounts, which may help you save money.

10. Farmers Insurance Group



Source: Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group makes it easy to understand what kind of coverage you need by providing real-life scenarios on its website and how renters insurance could help. Examples include:

  • An accidental fire that was started because you left one of your candles unattended
  • A nightmare neighbor is suing you for a pot that blew off your balcony and injured him

Farmers offers discounts for those in specific professions, including dentists, nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters and doctors.

If you have multiple policies, don’t smoke and have a smoke alarm or security system installed you may also qualify for a discount.

11. Travelers



Source: Travelers Insurance

Armed with an A++ Best Rating from A.M. Best Company, competitive prices relative to solid coverage and zero monthly fees, Travelers Insurance is one to consider in your search.

It offers the basics like property loss, damage and liability protection. Travelers also understands that sometimes renters make improvements to their units. Under a renters policy, you may apply up to 10 percent of your personal property coverage to repair or replace improvements that you made, if it was damaged (and qualifies as a loss under your policy).

Travelers has discounts for having multiple policies, security systems of fire protective devices, smart home technologies, loss-free history and more. The discounts will vary, based on where you reside and your eligibility.

12. American Family Insurance

american family insurance

american family insurance

Source: American Family Insurance

Rated highly by J.D. Power & Associates, American Family Insurance offers low rates with minimal hassle and few customer service complaints.

American Family’s policies aren’t all that different from the other big companies, but do offer some very interesting options that renters will find very useful, such as identity theft protection and extended coverage for a home office in your apartment.

It has 24/7 customer support and a MyAmFam app you can download on your smartphone.

Make sure to check to see if American Family Insurance operates in your state because it is not nationwide.

Protect yourself

Just because you reside in a rental doesn’t mean you don’t have a home full of valuables.

Electronics, clothing, furniture and more are all in danger of loss in a catastrophic event or accident. While your landlord’s insurance covers the building, you’re responsible for insuring your apartment’s personal contents, as well as liability from visitors and guests.

The best renters insurance companies have similar basic options for coverage. The differentiators may boil down to price, discounts, customer service and how easy it is to file a claim.

Shop around, get a free quote and take advantage of discounts for renters insurance. Then, narrow down your search to the company that best fits your needs. Prepare with any questions you may have and give customer service a call.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or financial advice. Readers are encouraged to seek professional financial or legal advice as they may deem it necessary.




RBC Wealth Management Looks to Grow

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RBC Wealth Management is gearing up to continue its strengthening advisor recruitment and improve services for its in-house and independent advisors, reports FinancialAdvisorIQ.

Executive hires are part of the push. The Minneapolis-based business recently snagged HighTower’s Michael Parker to lead the recruiting for employee advisors.

And it hired Nate Angelo from Columbia River Advisors to head what the publication calls “the firm’s internal, FA-centric consulting efforts.”

RBC Wealth Management is having its best recruiting results in the past eight years for the fiscal year ending Oct. 31, according to a spokesperson.

Right now, RBC Advisor Services is custodian for about 65 RIAs, but that business plans to grow by recruiting breakaways and small firms, Brett Thorne, the head of the business, tells FinancialAdvisorIQ.

One attraction, he says, is a new tech platform designed “to offer a seamless experience,” Thorne says. It includes products from Redtail Technology, for CRM; MoneyGuidePro’s financial planning software, and Vestmark’s trade-order management system.

“In joining with firms like Raymond James, Ameriprise and Wells Fargo that straddle the divide between independent and so-called captive advice providers, RBC WM hopes to attract some FAs who, though headed for jobs in the full-service brokerage, may have an eye to independence down the road,” writes FinancialAdvisorIQ.


Nationwide Mobile – Apps on Google Play

Based on your feedback, we’ve added several new features to our mobile app:
• Manage your document delivery and communications preferences
• Accident Checklist – Steps to consider if you are in an accident
• Performance improvements

Other features:
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• View or pay your bill
• Manage your payment methods
• Set up and manage automatic payments*
• Call Roadside Assistance
• File or an auto or property claim
• Check on an auto claim
• Choose a repair shop, drive-in, rental car or other service when filing a personal auto insurance claim*
• Upload photos of your damaged vehicle*
• Get an auto, renters or homeowners insurance quote
• Access your business insurance policies, including farm & ranch
• Agent contact info

* Subject to eligibility



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One of the best tax savings strategy

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Learn how to substantially lower your expenses, while dramatically increasing your retirement income, all with one simple strategy.

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Travel Insurance – Online Quotes

Protect yourself from the unexpected. Comprehensive or basic cover, single or multi-trip policy, international or domestic destination, we’ve got you covered.

Travel Alert

Important information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

International Comprehensive insurance

Premium coverage for luggage, cancellations, medical expenses and more.


Find out more

International Basic insurance

Budget overseas holiday cover for unexpected medical costs and personal liability.


International Basic

Domestic insurance

Protect your car hire, luggage and plans when travelling in Australia.


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Annual Multi-Trip insurance

Travelling more than once this year? You could save time and money.


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Why choose Australia Post Travel Insurance?

We deliver great value cover you can depend on and make it easy for you to compare plans and find the international or domestic cover that suits your needs.

  • Choose your excess. You can choose your excess on the international travel plans, the higher the excess chosen, the lower your premium will be.

  • Increased luggage cover. You can increase coverage of valuable individual items with our International Comprehensive and Domestic travel plans.

  • Increased rental car insurance excess cover. You will have $3,000 standard cover on an International Comprehensive or Domestic plan, with the option to increase.

  • Skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling and mopeds. We can cover winter sports or riding motorbikes – just ask us for a new international travel insurance quote. Plus, cover for activities like abseiling, jet boating, paragliding, snorkelling, kayaking and bungy jumping is included in our policies.

More information

Visit the following pages to learn more:

Need help?

For help choosing a plan, or assistance with your claim, call us on 1300 728 015 Monday to Friday (8am-7pm EST), Saturday (9am-4pm EST) and Sunday (10am-3pm EST).

For urgent help while you’re overseas, call our emergency assistance team – direct and toll free – using the contact numbers provided in our Help and emergencies section.

This advice is general in nature, and doesn’t consider your personal situation. You should consider your own needs and the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision to buy the product.

Limits, sub-limits, conditions, exclusions and fees apply. Policies may not be available to all travellers. Australian Postal Corporation (ABN 28 864 970 579, AR No 338646) is the distributor of Australia Post Travel Insurance and is an Authorised Representative of Australia Post Services Pty Ltd (ABN 67 002 599 340 AFSL 457551). Travel insurance products are underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507). Consider your financial situation, needs and objectives and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before deciding to buy this insurance. Download a copy of the combined FSGS/PDS (PDF 696kb), or for our In-store international Travel Insurance policies, contact us on 1300 728 015, email auspost@travelinsurancepartners.com.au or obtain a copy in-store.


How To Start Tomato Farming In Nigeria (Detail Report)

Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in Nigeria. Ninety percent of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. It goes with everything. So good that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. This report explains how to start lucrative tomato farming in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Tomato Farming

Health – This wonderful fruit berry is an excellent source of good amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Tomatoes deep redness mean it’s a very good source of antioxidant agents. It’s a powerful source of vitamin E and enhance the health and sharpness of the eyes. You can never go wrong with tomatoes as far as nutrition and health is concerned.

Profit – The market is always there for tomatoes in Nigeria. Why not? A product

Ripped Tomatoes ready for the market

that is consumed by close to 200 million people, no amount you produced that will ever going to be enough. In 2012, Nigeria imported 65,809 tonnes of processed Tomato that worth over N11.7 Billion. That was in addition to the massive tonnes produced locally in the North. Tomatoes alone takes out over N100 billion annually from Nigerians!

SEE ALSO: How To Start Pepper Farming

What exactly are Nigerians doing that a whooping amount of N11.7 billion has to go to other countries economy for a product that does very well in almost every Nigerian soil? This is a question we need to ask ourselves as we prepare for this year’s farming season.

If you have N3 million and you invest it in tomato farming this season, you will double that investment within nine months.

How To Grow Tomatoes

Tomato farming is very simple. Anyone can do it in any capacity, either in the backyard or in commercial quantity. Growing tomato is much more rewarding than you could ever imagined. Tomato can be grown round the year, especially in places like Kano where there is irrigation system specifically made for it. In other places, it is best cultivated during the rainy season.

Step 1: (Pick up The Best Species) – The improved yield specie is the best

The high yield tomato variety | Photo credit: Testi-Lee

choice for farmers, do not pick the local species. In this case, I will recommend the Roma variety. The Roma tomato known for it’s size and redness is a plum tomato very popular in the Nigerian markets. This specie can be used both for canning and producing tomato paste. It is also commonly found in supermarkets in some countries like the United States. Roma tomatoes are also known as Italian tomatoes, it is also called Italian plum tomatoes.

SEE ALSO: How To Start Soybeans Farming In Nigeria

What makes Roma specie very unique is it’s long shelf life, it’s hard back, and low water content which enables it to last longer after harvest. A paint rubber of the seed cost about N4,500

Step 2: (Prepare The Nursery)  – This can be done around March/April when the rain is just beginning in most parts of the country. You can use your backyard for the nursery or any other piece of land the is suitable for it. Tomatoes does very well in most soil types in Nigeria but better in a black loose loamy soil. Prepare the ground by clearing the grasses and rubble, loosen the soil with hand trowel and hoes.

Remove the seeds from the tomatoes and spread it on the prepared soil. You can cover it with dry grasses to prevent the lose of moisture from the soil and prevent birds ants fowls from eating off the tomato farming seeds.

Within 5-7days you will see it germinating. Wait till about another five days before you remove the dry grasses to allow for proper growth. Leave it for another one month before transplanting.
Step 3: (Transplant to The Garden/Farm) – The final journey will be moving it into the permanent farm where they would grow to maturity and production.

If your farm is too big that you can’t do the transplanting alone, hire laborers according to your need. You need to be careful with the tender plan to avoid breaking it. Transplant is best done with hands for better results.

SEE ALSO: How To Start Groundnut Oil Production

Open the soil with piece of small wood, insert the seedling into the hole and cover it with lose soil. Tomato plan is very tender and fragile, it is best transplanted the same day you uprooted it from the nursery to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

Step 4: (Weed and Apply Fertilizer) – After two months from transplant, it will be time for weeding. Hire laborers to do the weeding while you supervise to ensure that your tomato plants are not damaged during the process of removing weeds.

Tomato Orchard with ripped Tomatoes | Photo credit: RIF Garden

After the first weed, it will be time to apply fertilizer to help replenish the soil nutrients taken by the weeds. To grow successfully, tomatoes need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, potash, calcium, and magnesium, along with other trace minerals. It’s always best to have your soil tested to check for nutrient levels and pH level.

Use fertilizer that supply those vital nutrients – N-P-K ratio fertilizer can be very good for tomatoes. See types of fertilizers that are very good for tomatoes.

Step 5: (Harvest Your Tomatoes) – Tomato is harvested in matches, the moment you starts harvesting, you’ll continue on weekly basis till the end of the season, usually it will keep producing till the dry season when the plant will die off due to the scorching heat.

The first harvest starts within three months after planting. That means if you plan by April, you should be expecting your first harvest to start by June/July. From then, it will continue till November/December.

Step 6 (Market Your Tomatoes) – It is important to prepare your marketing well ahead of harvesting. Look for who or where to supply the product. This is because, tomato is a perishable product unless you have built storage system.

Mile 12 is the major market for fresh tomatoes and other vegetables in Lagos. Its purely dominated by the Northerners who majors in this farming, harvesting cash over the years. Why? 90% of vegetables consumed in Lagos are brought in from the North. Virtually nothing is produced in the. South West, South East and South South. Lagos alone has over 15,000,000 million people consuming tomatoes almost on daily basis. So, you can see the potential in the farming business.

There is need for smart entrepreneurs to see the opportunity for big business and big money in this sector. We have gotten to the point where we need young savvy entrepreneurs to break into this sector and start producing and delivering quality, hygienic tomatoes at very affordable price.

The mass market remains the key to success in Agribusiness and I would rather sell 1,000 basket a day for N2,000 each than sell just 100 basket a day for N5,000 per basket. The money is in the mass market and we need to start seeing it that way and working that way. Produce more, sell less amount, and make more money.

If you start preparation now for this venture, you will harvest cash all season. Feel free to ask questions using the comment section and contribute your knowledge to help us all grow in this tomato farming business .


Dental Insurance – Affordable Dental Plans

Dental Insurance – Affordable Dental Plans DentalPlans Logo

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Dental Insurance

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental insurance plans are intended to reduce the cost of dental care. Providers typically negotiate lower fees with in-network dentists, and also pay (“cover”) a percentage of the reduced fee. You pay the rest out of pocket. Here’s how the savings break down:

Preventive: Dental insurance plans typically cover 100% of the cost of preventive care, which includes annual checkups, bitewing x-rays, and routine cleanings.

Basic: Most insurance plans cover 80% of the cost of “basic,” uncomplicated services, such as fillings, simple extractions and some types of deep cleanings.

Major: Dental insurance typically covers 50% of treatments such as root canals, crowns, bridges and dentures.

Simple, right? Yes, but you also have to factor in waiting periods, copays, annual maximums, and your oral health needs.

Understanding Dental Insurance Terminology

Annual Maximums & Coinsurance

  • Annual maximum: The amount your dental insurance plan will pay annually toward your cost of care
  • Coinsurance: A percentage of the cost of a dental service that you pay out-of-pocket

Copays & Deductibles

  • Copay: A flat fee you pay for a dental service covered by insurance
  • Deductible: The amount you pay out-of-pocket before your coverage begins

In-Network & Premiums

  • In-network: Dentists who have a contract with your dental insurance company
  • Premium: The amount you pay each month for dental insurance

Pre-existing conditions & Waiting periods

  • Pre-existing conditions: Any dental problems that you had before getting insurance
  • Waiting period: The length of time – six months to a year – that must pass before basic and major dental procedures are covered by your dental plan

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost

Costs vary according to the type of dental insurance you choose and the coverage it offers. Here are some examples:

Aetna Dental Direct Preferred PPO

Aetna Dental Direct Preferred PPO

Plan covers preventive
and restorative care

Cost starts at $24.22 a month

View Plan

Delta Dental PPO Individual Premium Plan

Delta Dental PPO Premium

Plan covers preventive care and restorative care, including braces and dental implants

Cost starts at $25.15 a month

View Plan

Humana Complete Dental Insurance

Humana Complete

Plan covers preventive
and restorative care.

Cost starts at $37.99 a month

View Plan

Renaissance Dental Insurance Plan III

Renaissance Dental Insurance

Plan covers preventive
and restorative care.

Cost starts at $35.60 a month

View Plan

Other things to consider when searching for dental insurance.

Look at a plan’s annual spending maximum, the type of insurance plan, waiting period,
and what procedures the plan covers as well as how that coverage aligns with your dental care needs.

Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Missing Tooth Replacement?

Dental insurance plans may not cover the costs for some treatments, no matter how long you wait – such as replacing a tooth that you lost prior to purchasing the policy or dental work that is already in progress. Look for the “missing tooth” clause (yes, that’s what its typically called) when you are reviewing plan details.

Cosmetic Treatments?

Most dental insurance plans do not cover elective procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain overlays.

Dental Implants?

Typically, no, since there are less-expensive ways of restoring missing teeth. But some plans, like Cigna Premium, do cover dental implants.


Some dental insurance plans do. But check the annual lifetime coverage limit for orthodontics and ask your dentist/orthodontist for a cost estimate. You may be able to save more money on braces with a dental savings plan.

Dental Insurance CoverageDental Insurance Worth

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

It depends on your dental care needs, and how you pay for dental insurance.

Affordable Dental Insurance Alternatives

Members of dental savings plans get 10%-60% off dental procedures (the actual savings depend on specific procedure and the plan you choose) at participating dentists. You pay the discounted fee when you get care, directly to your dentist. And, unlike traditional dental insurance, members of dental savings plans don’t have to worry about annual spending limits and can save on restorative procedures as soon as their plan activates.

Dental savings plans, also known as dental discount plans, are a great choice for people who have existing oral health problems, those who need treatments like root canals, crowns or other dental restorative care ASAP, or whose dental care costs exceed $1000 annually.

Unexpected Dental Emergencies

You can’t afford to delay critical dental care, but how can you pay that big bill? With a dental savings plan that activates within 24-hours, you can afford to get the care you need – fast!

Dental Discounts Without The Wait

Can’t wait 6-12 months for dental insurance coverage to kick in for that root canal, crown or bridge? With a dental savings plan, there are no waiting periods, so you get reduced rates at the dentist the minute your plan activates – typically within 72 hours.

A Nationwide Network Of Caring Dentists

Why do dentists offer discounts? Because it’s good for their business, and it’s good for the communities they serve. With most dental savings plans you gain access to a nationwide network of dentists who warmly welcome plan members.

Affordable Quality Dental Care

Dental discounts don’t mean that the quality of care is reduced. Many dental savings plans pre-screen dentists prior to accepting them into the plan’s network.

To learn more about dental insurance – and alternative options designed to make dental care more affordable – please contact our team today!

Search in Your Area

Find a Plan Find a Dentist

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Adorn Your Feng Shui Wealth Corner

Yes, your home does have a feng shui wealth corner.  When you energise it correctly it can help you pile up wealth, assets and lots of properties. And certainly your wealth corner is NOT in far right section of your home. Anyone who says that knows nothing about feng shui.  

Infact feng shui wealth corners are present in every room of your home and also in your gardens. You can use this wealth corner to attract piles of cash into your bank account.

When business falls away, stock market drops or you loose your investment you may feel helpless. And you may feel you have no invisible means of support.

But when you take care of your wealth corner you will always have plenty and some to spare. You donot have to strive or slave hard.  You can do what you love and what you enjoy and yet make fabulous sum of money. 

So where exactly are the wealth corners in
your home, garden or rooms?

The south east of any room, home, office or garden is the universal wealth corner. And to find this feng shui wealth corner you need to stand in the center of your home with a compass. 

Also the north is regarded as the secondary feng shui wealth corner. This is the corner that ensures that you donot lose your job or your lifestyle  and you have a steady flow of income. It can be called your career corner.

But its the south east will help you accumulate wealth and assets and to enjoy prosperity luck. And Since we are in the period of eight (according to flying star feng shui ),

the south west also has the power to change your financial fortune.

Missing Wealth Corner

If You have a missing south east then its no wonder that you find yourself slipping back into financial troubles. You have a hard time trying to save money and have great wealth and assets. If the north is missing then you may find yourself moving from one job to another. You never have a steady flow of income. 

South west corner missing means you have no love in your life. So what do you do if the wealth corner is  missing? You can use mirrors to double the space. The mirror on the missing corner will give an illusion of space and bring you your wealth. But make sure the mirror does not reflect the door or the bed.

You dont want to create another problem while solving one.

Is Your Wealth corner is in the
 bathroom, kitchen or store room?

If you have a kitchen, bathroom or store room in the wealth corner of your house then you may have lots of financial trouble. But fortunately there are feng shui cures. So you dont have to wait forever to get the financial freedom, wealth and asstes you want. Here you need to exhaust the afflicted bad energy by using exhaustive element cycle.

South East- If you have a toilet or kitchen or a store room in the south east then you know the area is affected with bad wood energy. So you need to ask yourself “What will exhaust wood energy?” The answer is Fire. So you place bright lights or candles or anything carrying fire energy. And then you energise the south east of your living room.

North- If your bathroom, kitchen or store room area happens to be the in the north then its affected with bad water energy. You can place plants there to exhaust the water energy and keep it under control. Then you must energise the area outside bathroom, kitchen or store room which is still the north. Or the north of the living room.

South West- Here the bad energy that you must exhaust is the earth energy. So to exhaust or control earth energy you need metal energy. Place metal windchimes in the bathroom, kitchen or store room. Just make sure you dont walk under it or sit under it. And then you energise the area outside the bathroom, kitchen or store room which is still the south west.

Is Your Wealth Corner Of the House In The Living Room?

You are really lucky. You can really enhance your wealth corner in plenty of ways with water features, plants, mirrors, fishes. 

If the south east is in living room

then you must keep this corner free of clutter. Any thing that doesnot signify wealth, abundance or prosperity has no place in this sector.

  • You can place chinese jade plant with succulent leaves that signify wealth. You can also add the water energy. This will enhance the wood energy of the south east.
  • Have a water feature that keeps water flowing in a never ending cycle. A well lit water feature with carps is a good idea. And place a dragon beside the water to let the dragon empower the water to bring you wealth
  • The best symbol to place in the Southeast is the wealth ship. Fill up the wealth ship with gold ingots, coins and treasures, The wealth ship with gold will hwlp you pile up assets and wealth

Make sure the ship is sailing inwards into your house out of your home. If the wealth ships is facing outwards, this symbolizes your wealth leaving you and going out. Do not use ship that have cannons.

  • Another good symbol is the dragon fish. The dragon fish is also known as the arowana. It is best to keep one arowana in the large aquarium in the Southeast of your living room. Do not feed your arowan live fish. It is very bad karma. It will create obstacles to your wealth luck. But make sure the arowana is happy and healthy, and that the water in the aquarium is clean and full of oxygen.

In the North there is water energy,

So you can nourish it with a water feature here as well. You can also place metalalic wind chimes or adorn this corner with  gold or silver colors. The dragon tortoise placed here will help you with good income luck. 

Build a water fall in the Southwest of your house.

Period of 8  starts from year 2004 to 2024. During this period, the wealth sector is south west. Place a waterfall there to activate wealth luck and to generate plenty of money luck for yourself. It is best to build a 6-tier waterfall.

Have a jambala in the flowing water with water flowing over its head and body. This will empower the wealth giving buddha to weave magic in your wealth.

Wealth corner in the bedroom

You cannot place plants, water or mirrors in the bedroom. But if you are lucky to have a closet there then you can create a wealth vase. The wealth vase is another popular wealth enhancer. Wealthvases can be made out of ceramic or crystal.

The best shapes are those with a large opening which narrows into a neck and then broadens out again into a large belly. This hourglass shape allows money to go in but doesn’t let it out so easily, allowing your wealth to “accumulate”.

The broad base symbolizes lots of storage space for wealth. You can put wealth  coins, ingots, precious stones, money from a wealthy man and photos of things you dream to have Fill the vase up to its neck.

Then seal the vase with pieces of cloth in the 5 element colours to signify the 5 elements, and tie with 5-element thread. Place the wealth vase inside a cupboard away from public display, preferably deep within your home.

Your feng shui wealth corner is very important to your finances. You must make effort to preserve this corner. Keep it clean and free of clutter.

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