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” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Marketplace, Webmaster & Social Media Lounge

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Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Marketplace & Webmaster Lounge
Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Webmaster discussion on numerous topics including Website design programming scripting hosting server administration search engines and operating systems
 Internet Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Forums
 Webmaster Forum – Tools, DDOS, Programming, Designs, Web Hosting, Articles & more!
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Marketplace – Buy, Sell, Trade & Freelance Outsourcing
 Blogs, Lens, Website Reviews – Post, Critique, Read, Rate and Chat about your Sites/Blogs here!
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In: Proseotech Blog Review
By: risan14
Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz & Social Bookmarking
Discuss everything on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and Social Bookmarking here.
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In: Why Your Business Needs Seo..?
By: Karim khan

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Networking, Learning, Self Improvement & Money Discussion Lounge

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Networking, Learning, Self Improvement & Money Discussion Lounge

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Introduce Yourself here – Let us know you better!
Introduce Yourself to DTM. Network and expose yourself. Get to know one like minded members daily. New member report here, let us know you better!
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In: Hello From India
By: meyehyip
General Programs/Industry Discussions for Members & HYIP Program Admin
General Program/Industry Discussion for Members & HYIP Program Admin
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In: Run Deposit – Rundeposit.com
By: Goldenhyips.com
Newbies Lounge – Learn from the Gurus!
This sub forum is created for newbies to ask question about money making. If you have the answer to the question, please share it with the newbie. Please do not spam the newbie’s lounge with referral links.
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In: Tips For Newbies
By: Karim khan
Community Discussions. Chat away!
Chat about everything under the sun in here!
 General Discussion. Chat away!
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In: Best Online Game
By: jjackevans993
Self Improvement, Inspiring, Self Development & Motivational Articles/Movies
Submit/Read Self Improve, inspiring, self help and Motivational Articles/movies here.
Invest your time learning and sharing. Your knowledge is the most important and valuable asset in yourself.
 DTM Investment Terms and Definitions word Bank.
 Internet Success Stories
 Popular and Meaningful Motivational Quotes
 Post all Motivational Movies/Audio here
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In: What Is The Best Accounting…
By: Liam Hill

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Money Making from Home

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Money Making from Home

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Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & Cloud mining programs
ICOs & Investing Funds, Micro earnings, Wallets and exchanges, Crypto-trading, Press. All Cryptos related program discussion goes here.
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In: Torque Trading Systems – Ge…
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HYIP, Investment Programs, Cycler, E-Currencies Games & Monitors (High Risk Programs)
This section is for HYIP, Investment programs, Cycler & all E Currencies Games.
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any of the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
*Please use caution when invest in High Yield Investment Programs. These are Risky Games.
 HYIP & Non HYIP investment Opportunities (Risky High Yield Investment Program)
 Cyclers, Doublers and All E-Currencies Games
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In: Torque Trading Systems – Ge…
By: HYIPTrack Support Team
Co-op, TeamBuild, Feeder Offer & Downline Clubs
This forum is for members of a program to cooperate as a team to buy position in a company, work together as a team to build the business using next in line system or buying a position in a program using the minimum sum of money using the feeder system.
Please use the forum with caution. DTM does not endorse or vouch for any topic any specific team forms.
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In: Forsage Eth Smart Contract …
By: Omar Sharif
HYIP & Autosurf Monitors
This section is for verified and approved hyip/autosurf monitors/blogs.
Warning: Opportunities found on these Monitor sites can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity on DTM.
 Reputable Approved HYIP/Autosurf Rating Site.
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In: Hyip-cruiser.com – Professi…
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Forex Foreign Currencies Exchange, Binary Options Trading Discussion
DTM Traders community is an online trader’s discussion group that encourages mature, wise & respectful discussion in a positive & safe board for everyone. A resource to help traders become better traders were you’re “invited” to meet fellow traders from around the world, discuss trading ideas, share, learn and build new trading techniques and strategies

Recommended forex broker: Exness
 Forex Foreign Currencies Exchange Trading Articles/News Subforums
 Binary Options Trading Discussion
 Forex Brokers
 All the FX Software (other than the EAs) discussion and development
 Forex Analysis and Forexcast (The one and ONLY place)
 Forex Expert Advisors and Indicators
 Forex for newbies. Post your questions here
 Latest Forex News Feeds

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In: New The Traders
By: Kyle Thomas
Autosurf & Manual Surf Opportunities (Risky Investment)
Need traffic? Searching for an Online investment program? Check out the Autosurf and Manual Surf rebate forum.
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any of the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
*Please use caution when invest in High Yield Investment Programs. These are Risky Games and you can lose your money anytime. DO NOT invest anything you cannot afford to lose. Please do not double post.
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In: Create Squeeze Pages In Und…
By: ishusri
Get Paid To Opportunities (GPT)
Looking for a GPT program to join & promote? Post all your Get Paid to GPT, Get paid to Read Opportunities here
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any of the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
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In: Click Cents Asia Proof Of W…
By: bitcoinguy
MLM – Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Home Business Opportunities
Share your Network Marketing Business Opportunities here. MLM Stuff is your resource for general information about Network Marketing and Multi-Level-Marketing companies and to connect with other MLMers in our community.
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
 Internet Marketers Networking and Tips Forum
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Sports Arbitrage Trading Discussion
Discussion about Sports arbitrage trading goes here.
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any of the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
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In: Protected Forum
By: Andrey TA
Stocks, Business, Finance, Properties & more!
Discussion on Forex, Business, Finance, Stocks, Properties & more!
 Business & Finance Discussion Forum
 Stocks, Commodities, Futures, IPO, Options, Warrants, Bonds, Mutual Funds Discussion
 Real Estate Properties Investing Community Discussion
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In: #.icq# : 694760367 => Se…
By: icq678924920

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> E-currencies Exchange, Benefactor, Cashback Offers and Scams Alert!

” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> E-currencies Exchange, Benefactor, Cashback Offers and Scams Alert!

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
All discussion about Bitcoins, the famous P2P based virtual currency goes in here.
 Bitcoins Mining
 Bitcoins Market Place
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In: How To Buy Bitcoin
By: John Rod
E-Currency Exchange & Payment Processor – Buy, Sell & Trade E-Currencies here!

Exchange your E-Currencies (Example: PerfectMoney or Payeer) with DTM members here. Do not trust strangers easily. Exchange at your own risk. DTM does not vouch or endorsed any exchange posted here. Please use caution when exchanging your money with strangers.
 E-Currencies Payment Processor Discussion

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Free upgrade? RCB? Benefactor & Cashback Offers
Looking for Free upgrade? Want some Cashback? Need to be benefactor? Find the best deal in the Benefactor & Cashback forum! If you are very confident about a program and want to give some free units or cashback, you can use this section.
Please do not post referral links here.
Giving is a good way to get downlines =)
Warning: These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in. DTM does not research or endorsed any of the programs discussed here. Please use caution when participating in any investment opportunity.
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Scams Alert – Tell us what to Avoid and to Beware
If you are sure of a scam, post them here to discuss. You will need to provide evidence to support your post.
Only for alert and discussion of scam or suspected scam programs.
 Sites on hold and Closed/Scam Program Forums
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” width=”8″ height=”8″ /> Announcement, Rules, FAQ and Newsletter Forums

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3 things to help improve your exam results (besides studying)

If you want to get good marks in your exams, there’s no substitute for study. So do past exams, go over your notes, read what you need to read, do the problems, ask for help – study!

But other things have a proven effect on exam marks too. Here are three of them.

1. Sleep

Guidelines for 13-to-17-year-olds advise eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. But studies show teenagers’ sleep is more fragmented during stressful periods, such as exam times.

Studies also suggest fewer than 10% of university students get the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep during exam week. This is a problem because sleep is especially important during the study period.

Laboratory studies show new knowledge becomes integrated with what we already know while we sleep. Not getting enough sleep before an exam will leave you less able to recall what you’ve learnt, not to mention just being groggy.

A 2014 German study found students who got seven hours or more of good sleep during the exam period performed much better (their scores were around 10% higher) than those who had slept less.

Good-quality sleep, as described in the paper, is essentially sleep where you feel rested afterwards. Researchers often use the validated Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Indicator (PSQI) to assess the quality of sleep – you can use it to check how you’re tracking.

In another study, a US professor challenged his students (by offering them extra grades) to sleep an average of 8.5 hours a night during the exam period.

While 24 students opted in to the challenge, only 17 succeeded. Students who slept more than eight hours on the night of the final exam performed better than students who opted out or slept less than eight hours.

The professor controlled for previous grades – meaning he took into account the students’ previous levels of achievement in exams when calculating the results – so it’s not just that the ones who scored better were smarter anyway.

2. Exercise

Research suggests regular aerobic exercise, the kind that gets your heart and sweat glands pumping, can boost the size of the hippocampus, which is the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning.

A 2012 Australian study found primary school students who exercised regularly were more likely to have higher scores in numeracy and writing. And a US study showed a child’s fitness was associated with a higher academic score – so the better the fitness, the higher they scored on tests.

A 2009 study showed a positive correlation between aerobic fitness and cognitive performance in male teenagers. That is, as fitness increases so do logical, verbal, technical and overall intelligence scores.

Overall exercise is good because it improves mood and helps to lower stress, both of which help with study and concentration.

3. Take responsibility

Our research shows when students take responsibility for their learning they are more engaged and motivated to succeed. Taking responsibility means finding what interests you and incorporating that into your study routine.

Ask yourself: what will help me study like I mean it? And then get creative.

If exercise motivates you, then study while exercising. If your friends motivate you, review and summarise your notes in groups. If technology motivates you, use it.

Do you like drawing? If so, you can use multiple representations of problems – like words, equations, graphs, tables and diagrams – to help you understand a particular concept.

And don’t just read and review, but also practise skills. You will likely be asked to talk about some skills in your exams, such as identifying risks, writing a hypothesis or doing some calculations. Having a good working knowledge of these skills, rather than simply remembering how they go, is an advantage.

So, if you want to learn how to conduct an experiment, do some experimentation. If you want to get good at comprehension, do some comprehension.

Try to enjoy yourself, because the more you care about something, the better you’ll do at it. Exercising and sleeping well will also put you in a better mood and help you enjoy the process.

The Conversation


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How women can grow — and embrace — their personal wealth

By 2030, women will control two-thirds of America’s wealth. Coincidentally, however, women are also more likely to leave money planning to their significant others, which can leave them behind financially. That’s why it’s especially important to have a plan to spend, save and invest those dollars now.

That can be easier said than done. After all, personal finance can be fraught with emotions, especially when you’re torn on how to best use your money.

That was one takeaway at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit on Sunday during a panel on financial wellness.

What some personal finance gurus and books tend to miss is that one-size-fits-all approaches can alienate many, especially young people and entrepreneurs, said Daniela Pierre-Bravo, Know Your Value’s millennial contributor and co-author of “Earn It!: Know Your Value and Grow Your Career in Your 20s and Beyond.”

During the panel, Pierre-Bravo told her story of arriving in the United States from Chile as an undocumented immigrant. She had to finance her own way through college without loans or scholarships. She noted many people can feel guilt or shame when they make personal choices to support family or send money to help people in their home countries rather than put money aside for things like an emergency fund.

“I had nothing,” said Pierre-Bravo, who is now a booking producer for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “For anybody out there who doesn’t feel like saving 10 or 20 percent is manageable, try to do the best you can to do it but don’t feel guilt or shame for not being able to do a cookie-cutter way of financial wellness or personal finance. Really own your personal narrative. That’s one of the things that really helped me when I started out.”

Pierre-Bravo said she chose to use some of the money she earned from writing “Earn It!” with “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski to help her grandmother in Chile pay for a much-needed operation. That very personal decision to help her ailing family member felt more important than investing that money in her own bank account.

What is challenging for women or minorities is the hard choices caregivers have to make on a daily basis when it comes to their personal finances, said Pierre-Bravo.

“You don’t think twice about it. You just do it,” especially in minority communities, she said. “There are a lot of built-up emotions and pressure that happen when you are a caregiver … One way to find balance among your financial priorities is to talk about it. Knowledge is power, and more you talk about it, the more you can become comfortable with it and come up with creative solutions.”

Panelist Paula Cunningham, a former bank executive and State Director for AARP in Michigan, backed up Pierre Bravo’s remarks, adding that success can be defined as what you choose to share with others, especially when it comes to personal finances.

Nicole Lapin, podcaster and personal-finance author, also told audience members to remember that entrepreneurs need to “put their oxygen masks on first,” meaning they should invest in things like long-term savings, life insurance and disability insurance so they have the resources to maintain their work as everyday emergencies occur.

“Personal finance is like a foreign language at first,” Lapin said. “It’s not easy … The only difference between distress and misery is asking for help.”


Here’s How Much Flight Attendants Make

A flight’s take-off can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be the beginning of an international trip. For others, it may signal an emotional trip home.

For flight attendants, it marks the beginning of their paid hours because their salary completely depends on the number of hours an aircraft is in flight. This means how much a flight attendant makes does not incorporate boarding, taxiing, flight delays, flight cancellations, or anything else that prevents a flight from taking off.

So how much does the average flight attendant make? Salaries for flight attendants — it doesn’t matter if their flight is domestic or international — are between $23,000 or $25,00 a year to upwards of $80,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, a salary and compensation information company. (Some flight attendants, however, have shared online and in an interview with MONEY that they make as low as $18,000 a year.)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, flight attendants work between 75 to 100 hours a month in the air and another 50 hours a month preparing for flights. In addition to their pay, flight attendants are often compensated for meals and accommodations while they are away from home — something that happens frequently, especially if they live in a different city than where they are based.

Shawn Kathleen, a former flight attendant MONEY spoke with, lived in Ohio while her base was in New York. She flew from Ohio to New York just to prepare for the start of her shift — that is, once the flight took off. (Shawn Kathleen asked MONEY not to include her last name due to online threats she received for running the Passenger Shaming Instagram account.)

And while being a flight attendant may come with the perk of free air travel, that benefit can only be done through stand-by, which means flight attendants can’t expect to score the flight they want all the time.

Still, flight attendants have reported satisfactory job reviews to PayScale. Here’s more on what we know about how much flight attendants’ salaries and what it’s like to work from 30,000 feet above the ground.

Flight attendant pay

The median salary for a flight attendant in May 2016 was $48,500, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. PayScale estimates the average pay for a flight attendant is a bit lower — landing around $39,000 a year.

The range in flight attendants’ salaries depends on their level of experience. The average entry-level flight attendant — with zero to five years of experience — makes around $38,000 in total compensation, according to PayScale. The average salary for a late-career flight attendant is around $61,000.

A flight attendant’s airport base plays a part in determining how much he or she makes. Airlines based in San Francisco and Houston pay 10 percent and 9 percent, respectively, above the national average, while those based in Atlanta and Miami both earn 15 percent less than the national average.

Flight attendants also receive benefits, ranging from medical, dental and vision, according to PayScale.

Small vs. major airlines flight attendant pay

The average flight attendant salary varies widely from major aircraft carriers to smaller, regional ones, as well.

Flight attendants for United Airlines make around $82,404, according to PayScale, while flight attendants for Skywest Airlines make about half that: $47,461. Other major airline carriers like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines pay attendants upwards of $64,000.

Per diem flight attendant pay

On top of their wages, flight attendants can receive a per diem — or, pay per hour — to help compensate for expenses on the job.

At SkyWest, a regional airline, flight attendants make $1.95 per diem for every hour they are on duty. The company said this comes out to about $3,700 per year.

At larger airline carriers like United Airlines, flight attendants make $2.20 per diem for every hour on domestic flights and those to Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. On international flights, flight attendants make $2.70 per hour.


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From tips on exploring different courses to deciding on a career path, our content on education caters to your every need. 

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This segment will keep you aware about the topics that concern the modern Indian woman. 


Wedding planning can get as daunting as you can think. Therefore, we are here to help. Our wedding segment updates the young brides-to-be with all that is trending. From bridal makeup articles to honeymoon ideas, POPxo brings to you everything related to weddings.

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If you’re looking for all the latest wedding fashion trends, you’ve come to the right place. This segment keeps you updated about all the latest styles of lehengas or inspirations for the bridesmaid’s outfit. We have everything you’ll ever need. 


From finalising a wedding venue to zeroing down on the perfect invitations, we bring you articles that will help you stay in trend. 

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You aren’t asking for much if you want to look your best on your wedding day. After all, it’s the most important day of your life. So check out all the latest bridal hairstyles and make-up trends in this section.

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We all love to watch our favourite celebrities in their decked up avatar, and that’s exactly what our segment gives you. We cover celebrity weddings and chalk out the best wedding trends as Bollywood has always been our go-to inspiration for everything. 

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Whether you’re planning a beach wedding or a ghar ka function, you can always take inspiration from the real weddings that we cover for you. 


POPxo believes that overall wellness lies at the core of a healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re looking to lead a more wholesome life, head to our wellness segment. Our content has articles on topics like coping with stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what this segment has to offer you. 

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The only person you can rely on is yourself, and the rest can just help. We are here to guide you on how self-love works in favour of you. Our articles in the self-help segment are for all the problems life throws at you. 


With the kind of responsibilities the modern Indian women have upon them, health takes a little bit of a backseat. This segment talks about how you can take care of your health so that you can be the best version of yourself. 


If you want to know everything that is up and trending in the entertainment segment then POPxo is the place to be! From movie recommendations to what’s happening in your favourite celebrity’s life, we make sure that you get the best of everything at the comfort of your laptops or mobile phones.

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The newest addition to our Entertainment segment is Celeb profiles. We’ve made a bank of celebrities (actors and singers) and loaded up each of their profiles with the latest information we have on them. So, the next time you want some information about your favourite actor, you know where to head. 


In this section, we bring to you our version of unbiased movie reviews and not-so usual news from B-town. 


From the songs that got us dancing to list of songs that need to be in your playlist, this section is all about the love for music. 

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When it comes to entertainment, celebrity gossip is something you can’t leave behind, and therefore, we bring you the dirtiest secrets of Bollywood in the ‘Celebrity Gossip’ section. 

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If you’re a Bigg Boss fan, head to this segment on POPxo. Whether you want to know what the ex-contestants are doing now or just want to read about the spicy bits you don’t get to see on TV, this is the place for you. 

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Be it their love lives, travel diaries or fitness routines, get to know all about your favourite celebrities at POPxo. 

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If you are in love with our webseries ‘Unmarried’ then this section is definitely for you. Read everything that this web series has to offer to the modern Indian woman. 


This is one section dedicated to just celebrations, be it a birthday or a festival. So, take a look at our ‘Celebrations’ to take cues from the celebrities. 


The mortality and incidence rates of COVID-19 are still increasing, and these numbers will be ever on the rise even while you read about it here. And while the world is still dealing with the virus, the initial panic has forced millions of people to tap into all the possible tools to protect themselves from coming in contact while also trying to minimize the impact of this disease. This section will feed you everything about coronavirus and it’s uncertain diagnosis. 

Coronavirus Cases in India (LIVE Tracker)

POPXo is offering a live coronavirus tracker to keep you updated about the positive COVID-19 cases in India, state-wise. The tracker will give you the up-to-date information about the active cases and allow you to see the changing numbers. Just hover over the state for more details.

COVID-19 Online Self-Assessment Test

We at POPxo, are offering a COVID-19 self-assessment page which is available in five languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Tamil and is very simple to use. The scanner will ask you some simple questions like your age, gender and your symptoms according to which it will analyze your present state and give a fair assessment of your risk level of contracting the infection. 

POPxo has two other verticals which were later added to the family – Plixxo for influencers and Luxeva for luxury content. 


POPxo announced the launch of Plixxo, India’s largest Influencer Marketing Platform, in June 2017 and there’s stopping since then. It is the perfect platform for brands and digital media influencers to connect and produce amazing campaigns. With over 65,000+ influencers across India, Plixxo fam is definitely going places. 


Launched in February 2019, Luxeva.com is a digital guide to all things luxury. It offers the latest in style, beauty, travel, food, wellness and culture and is all set to become India’s largest digital luxury platform. 

A Home For All Things Feminine

Artsy, fun and quirky – our Lifestyle store for women is designed for those who always look for something that’s not another chip off the old block. POPxo’s online shop that ranges across categories like home decor, beauty, clothing, mobile accessories, stationery and more, is an attempt to make online shopping for women in India more fun! Whether you’re looking for a gift for your BFF or a cute Valentine’s Day gift for her, our products fit every need. Avail discounts and offers today, and head on for a fantastic online shopping experience.

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Sending & Requesting Money

Find the Pay or Request button on the home screen—it will either say “Pay or Request,” or it will look like a pencil and a square. You can add as many friends as you’d like to pay or charge, the amount, and a note. Once you’re ready, tap “Request” or “Pay” depending on the action you want to take, and you should be all set!

Do I need to add money to Venmo to pay someone?

Nope! You don’t need to add money to Venmo to make payments.

If you have access to a Venmo balance, any payments you receive from friends will be added to your Venmo balance, and you can use those funds to make payments. If you make a payment for an amount that is equal to or less than the amount in your Venmo balance, it’ll be fully funded by your Venmo balance. If you make a payment for an amount that is greater than the amount in your Venmo balance, it’ll be fully funded by your external payment method (bank account or card). In other words: Individual payments on Venmo are never funded by more than one source. For more information about how Venmo balance works, visit this article.

If you don’t have access to your Venmo balance, you can’t use payments you receive from others to fund your own payments. Any payments you make will be funded by your external payment method (bank account or card). If you’d like to use the money in your Venmo account to make payments, visit this article.

Remember: If you’re ever confused about which payment method will be used for a specific payment you’re making on Venmo, you can always check the bottom of the screen where you enter all the details of the payment to see which payment method will be used.

It is worth noting, that in some rare cases, there may be a problem processing a payment. If we identify an issue, funds may not be available to the recipient right away and may cause a bank transfer to be delayed or blocked or funds being frozen or removed from your account. If there is a problem processing your payment, a notification will be sent to you and/or the recipient via email, and you may need to choose a different payment method outside of Venmo.


Here’s how to write a killer dating app bio that will get you SO many more swipes

Ever wondered if there’s a golden hour to swipe on Tinder, Bumble or Happn? Curious about whether your dating lingo is up to par? Second-guessing your bio with the Friends gif and the sunset selfie on your profile?

Well, now there’s a surefire to maximise your chances of finding The One, thanks to Tinder’s inaugural “Year in Swipe,” an overview of user behaviour which captures the top Tinder trends in 2018, as well as some killer tips from the UK’s top dating experts to take you through 2019. Read on to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd…

The best time to swipe


Turns out, the best time of day to swipe right is, drum roll…Monday. At 6-9pm, to be precise.

The best month to search for a date
Looking for a spring fling? March was the most active month for Brits – so bear this in mind when you emerge from your winter hibernation, and be sure to be online when the clock strikes 9.

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Top Bio Tips from Tinder and Eugénie Legendre, Dating Trends expert, at happn


Be adventurous: If you fancy yourself as a start-up CEO, or love travelling to far-flung corners of the globe, then good news: profiles with the tags ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘adventurer’ scored the most amount of swipe rights.

Add music to your profile: Drake’s In My Feelings was the #1 Spotify anthem for Tinder users across all countries with Spotify, closely followed by Ariana Grande’s female empowerment anthem God is a Woman, which made the top 10 in the UK.

Feature at least 3 pictures: At Happn, they advise that users have at least three different pictures in order to give potential dates a true idea of what you look like, but make sure that your first picture clearly shows your face so potential connections can immediately see you – trying to work out which one you are in a group of 10 is time consuming and annoying. However, make sure the rest of your pictures show different sides of your personality and lifestyle: are you a traveller? A socialite? A foodie? An art lover? A sports person? Then don’t hesitate to show it. A series of five identical selfies is worth one nice headshot, so it’s time to freshen up your picture for the new year with a friend’s or relative’s help.

Always use emojis: Even if you’re seriously into dating, emojis can be a fun way of expressing yourself that adds colour and will help describe yourself in a very visual and straightforward way. Research into Happn users’ profiles has found that men use way more emojis than women.


In fact, 64% of men use them in their profiles, compared to just a third (36%) of women. The most popular emoji users have is the red heart, followed by the peace sign and in third place the winky face, but as these are very common, you should try and find the ones that will differentiate you from other profiles. Ultimately, a few words about you with emojis is always better than just an emoji though. Over on Tinder, pizza was the most-mentioned food in people’s bios, confirming that dough is in fact a universal love language.

You’re welcome.

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