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We love styling and trying out new fashion trends every now and then. But the one thing that every woman dreads going through is a wardrobe malfunction. Be it the runway models, celebrities or any of us, we have faced a tiny fashion mishap at least once in our lives! But there are tips and tricks of the trade that each one of us should know to avoid any last minute fashion disaster. Be it for western outfits or ethnic wear, secure yourself from being in an embarrassing spot.

Check out these last-minute style hacks to avoid any kind of wardrobe malfunction –

1. Always keep safety pins, fabric glue or quick stitch kit handy.

2. Have a complete dress rehearsal to check if you are comfortable wearing it.

3. Check your outfit thoroughly once before wearing for any worn out stitches or loose buttons. Secure them instantly with clear nail polish.

4. Check if the zippers work fine. Else rub some soap or candle over the zips if they are getting stuck.

5. If you are unable to zip your own low-cut zipper dress, here’s how you could –

6. If you plan on wearing a strapless bra, keep double-sided tape handy to keep your Bra in place. Stick one side to your body and the other to the bra.

7. Wear your heels an hour before you start dressing. Therefore, you know if you are comfortable to wear them for a long time.

8. Band-Aids also come to use if your heels are causing you blisters or rashes.

9. Keep a Band-Aid handy. For instance, you can use them as shoulder cushions if your bra straps start hurting or pricking you.

10. Always keep some pieces of blotting paper or sweat pads to get rid of sweat and sweat-stains from under our arms.

11. Keep your skirt or dress from flying up by taping a tiny rock or coin to its hemline. This weighs down the outfit.

12. If you are wearing a body-hugging outfit, always opt for seamless underwear to avoid any lines.

13. If your outfit is a backless one, ditch your bra. Instead, get pads attached to your outfit from your tailor for a proper curvy fitting.

14. If your skirt is slightly transparent, wear a half-slip or shorts to avoid a ‘see-through’ situation.

15. If you accidentally lose the stopper or back of your earring, replace it with a piece of an eraser.

16. Keep a sanitary pad handy for any uncalled for or unforeseen situations.

17. Always wear your heels before draping a saree. However, this will let you decide how high or low you need to drape. Similarly helps you to know how much fabric to tuck in.

18. If the saree is heavy, ditch petticoat and wear well-fitted leggings or jeans instead.

19. Use a hair straightener to even out the light creases of your top or your shirt’s collar.

20. Get strap hooks/loops on the insides of your blouse. Therefore securing your bra-straps from peeking out.

In conclusion, hope these 20 hacks help you to stay one step ahead to avoid any kind of wardrobe malfunction. In other words, keep slaying in style ladies!


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