20+ Sewing Hacks and Tips

Sewing is a craft and hobby that requires great concentration and skill. It also increases your creativity and the sense of achievement, and saves a lot of money by sewing your own things for daily use. Though rewarding and enjoyable, certain aspects of sewing are also difficult to manage.

To make it easier to start sewing, here we have searched for more than 20 sewing tips & hacks that will make sewing a little more easier than it is now. These sewing hacks are also great for increasing your skills, speeding up your process or just keeping things better organized! Whether you’re new to sewing or an old pro, I hope you find something helpful.

How to Make the Waist Bigger on Jeans

A quick fix to make tighter jeans a little more comfortable in the waist. This quick sewing trick is easy to learn! More directions via Ehow.

How to Keep Your Pins and Needles in Order

Glue magnets to the bottom of a bowl to keep your pins in place. source.

How to Sew on a Button with a Sewing Machine

Learn how to sew on a button with this simple and awesome trick via seasoned homemaker.

DIY Double Needle Spool Holder

Using the double needle easily with this double needle spool holder! Easy and quick to create one at home! Check out the instructions via make it-love it.

How to Gather the Easy Way

Use the cheater method for gathering fabric easily. Check out the details and tutorial via rae gun ramblings.

Keep Scissors Sharp

Keeping fabric scissors sharp is so important for sewing. Here are some tips to keep scissors sharp for your needs. See the details via and reas notebook.

How to Alter Jeans : Shorter with Identical Hem

Here is a better way to make your long jeans shorter with identical hem. Check out via Just Something I Made.

Sewing Hack: Color Inserts

When your favorite jeans just don’t fit. A color insert would make things so much easier. Learn how to insert colors to your jeans via burda style.

How to Sew with No Knots or Tails

Check out the details via Bella Dia.

Use School Clips to Hold Your Binding for Leather Sewing

Via the sewing loft blog.

How to Make Invisible Zippers

Learn how to make invisible zippers via burda style.

Needle Threading Secret

Having a hard time threading your needle? You can use some hairspray on the tip of the thread! Or coat the end of the thread with a dot of nail polish, it will be easier to slide through like silk.

How to Make a Rolled Hem with This Trick

Get the tutorial via the sewing loft blog.

Quickly Mark Your Seam Allowance

Great and easy way to add a seam allowance on your fabric. See the instructions via yoelijocoser.

How to Take Care of Thread Tails

Tuck thread tails in your tail back through your seam! This will provide a clean finished end without unsightly trimmed threads. Check it out here.

Use This Sewing Trick to Ensure Your Bra Straps Never Slip Down Again

Stoping your bra straps falling off of your shoulder by sewing a small strap. Tutorial via recycled-fashion.

How to Sew a Round Hem

Pretty simple tutorial to sew a round hem via on the cutting floor.

Tips for Faux Fur Sewing Success

Working with faux fur can be tricky but set yourself up for sewing success with these easy tips. Details via the sewing loft blog.

Sewing Quick Tip: How to Sew Box Corners

Get the tutorial via crazy little projects.

Zipper Sewing Tips

Tutorial via crazy little projects.


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