11 Fashion Hacks and DIY Clothing Ideas

It’s time for a wardrobe change! But wait! Don’t go spending your money left and right! Firstly, check your old clothes, because here are some awesome clothes upcycling ideas, or upgrade hacks, to give your outfit a new twist! Won a thrift shop war, but unfortunately, your prize sweater got all stretched out? No problem, turn it into a cozy hoodie scarf to survive chilly winter winds! Got tired of wearing the same plain shirts? Mix them up by switching one shirt bottom part with another! So get your sewing kit ready and stay tuned for all of these old clothes fashion tips, tricks and more!

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00:04 Hoodie Scarf
01:24 Boot Wallet
02:17 T-shirt Color Block
02:50 Pillow Hoodie
03:49 Pin Necklace
05:08 Trash Bag Backpack
06:54 T-Shirt Hair Band
08:00 Crop Top T-shirt
09:02 T-shirt Zipper Shoulders

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