10 Writing Tips for Beginners: How To Get Better at Writing Today

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer?

Or ever fancied seeing your name printed in golden letters on the cover of a bestselling book?

Well, if you just screamed a roaring ‘hell yes’ at the top of your lungs, chances are you’re meant to be a writer. You are meant to help change the world and inspire people’s lives through the power of your words.

“But how do I begin? I have no ideas.”

“I have ideas but I don’t know how to put them on paper.”

Worry not, I have a plan for you.

  • Start reading and mimic the voice
  • Write catchy titles
  • Write for yourself
  • Research and understand your audience
  • Study ways to become a great storyteller
  • Make your readers feel something
  • Explore the Internet
  • Be consistent
  • Believe in yourself
  • Write to throw the paper away

These are my hand-picked top 10 writing tips for beginners to help you blossom into a top-notch writer. So explore each deeper, read them, apply them, and go get writing.

1. Read like a maniac

As a writer, words are your fuel; and what better way to master words than reading itself. If you want to write, you need to read — and read, and read, and read! Read everything you can get your hands on. Classic literature. Fiction. Non-Fiction. EBooks. Magazines. Even that trashy, old novella with giggling girls on the cover.

Examine writing style with a critical eye and observe how authors convey their thoughts and emotions. Every book has a lesson for you if you’re willing to pay attention. Don’t limit your reading to a particular genre. Read different books to gain fresh perspective. And remember that you cannot even dare to call yourself a writer unless you fall in love with the idea of reading.

2. Write catchy titles

This is one of the most important writing tips for beginners. It is often said (and truly said) that people immediately stop reading your content if you don’t hook them right from the beginning.

No matter have excellent your content is, it won’t matter unless you match it with a catchy title. A bold headline can be the very difference between a quality piece of writing, or a dud. Start with a bang! Embellish your writing with words that immediately grab reader’s attention and tempt them to read on. That’s the key to creating compelling art.

3. Write for yourself

Forget the fact that you’re writing for an audience. First and foremost of all, write for yourself. Just direct your focus solely on your feelings, ideas and opinions and how to put them on paper. It fires your passion and creativity. It allows you to ink your inner thoughts lucidly on paper as you learn to write right from your heart. And above all, people seem to like it.

4. Understand your audience

‘Write for yourself; rewrite for others’…this is one of the greatest writing tips for beginners anyone could give you. Know your audience better than they know themselves. Act as if you are speaking to one person and write accordingly to create an emotional tie with your readers. One great way to do that is to connect with your readers to learn their perspective, their side of story.

5. Learn to become a great storyteller

Everyone loves a good, old tale. A craft as old as man himself, storytelling is a great way to woo and charm and audience. That’s because the need for stories is rooted deeply inside our brains. Try to blend in an engaging story in your writing. Good stories are easy to understand and the simplicity of language also aid readers in remembering them. It does not matter what genre you write in, everything can be turned into a story – if you tell it the right way.

6. Make your readers feel something

If you’ve made your readers feel something (and as long as it’s not irritation or monotony), you as a writer have done your job. Readers can fear and feel motivated and be excited and feel grief. They can smile and sob, shiver and rage. All from reading your content. Just make your readers feel something. Humans crave drama – so feed it to them like chocolate.

7. Explore the Internet

The all-encompassing world of internet is chock full of guides, how-to’s and writing tips for beginners. Not all of them are really useful, but there’s still plenty of quality material out there that is definitely worth your time. Take an online writing course or join a writing forum to perk up your writing prowess. Connect with fellow writers and get an insight to how they get their work done. Think of internet as a massive goldmine ready to be exploited.

8. Be consistent

Writing consistently is one of the worst struggles writers face in their daily lives. Even the most skilled writers find it arduous to stay consistent and keep the words flowing regularly on paper. Notch up a few hundred words every day to keep your writing skills sharp. Like any other skill, your writing prowess slowly rusts if not put to practice consistently.

9. Believe in yourself

No list of writing tips for beginners can be complete without this point. Writing is a daunting process. There are many ups and downs. Every day is a new challenge. There are times when you find yourself judging your writing and questioning your abilities. There’s nothing wrong with doubting yourself. You are human, therefore you doubt. The problem really arises when doubt overwhelms you and starts holding you back.

That’s where self-belief comes into play. If you are going to go through, you have to trust your gut and keep believing in yourself. You have to plant this motto in the deepest chamber of your mind: I will never quit!

10. Enjoy writing

Writing is magic, quite literally. You create something out of nothing. Something you write today can be found and read in a thousand years and it can still be related to readers. This is magic. The best way to do justice to writing is to love it. Once you start enjoying the process of writing, words will come naturally to you and you’ll look forward to writing every day.

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Have fun! Happy Writing!

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