10 Stylish Home Hacks To Transform Your Living Space Without Breaking The Bank

After we deck out our living quarters with a new and refreshed look, we can take a step back and feel pride to call our home… well, home.


But as time goes on, things can start to wear down. If we don’t replace furnishings often enough, it can definitely start to show. However, we all know how pricey re-decorating can get — I’m pretty sure even this trailer makeover ended up costing a pretty penny!

So what’s the solution? Well, here’s the good news: making your home stylish doesn’t automatically have to involve dollar signs.

To prove it, we’ve come up with 10 design-focused hacks that you can easily incorporate into your own home, from the simple addition of pillows to painted hangers that spruce up the closet area.

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1. Add Canopy Rods And Sheets To Your Bed

Flickr / Mazzali

If you don’t have canopy rods, you can use curtain rods for this hack, then drape them with sheer linens. Not only does the canopy add some style to an otherwise bland piece of furniture, it also creates more divide within your room. This makes it feel more spacious, like having a separate room for your bed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

2. Replace Lamp Shades With Geometric Flair

Flickr / Stacie

A regular lamp shade can be a complete bore, so toss your old one and replace it with a patterned staple. It might not look as funky as this one, but it’ll definitely add some character to the room, according to LighterSide of Real Estate.

3. Hang Mirrors With Eye-Catching Accents

Flickr / Ryan Vaarsi

Beautifully framed mirrors can fill up that empty space on your wall, while also making the room look much bigger than it actually is. According to Popsugar, if you place the mirror behind a lamp, the reflection that bounces off the glass expands the illusion and makes the entire room look brighter!

4. Paint Hangers Gold


Hangers definitely weren’t created for their looks, but why not make them pretty anyway? Just grab some paint and get right to it — it’ll bring your closet space to a whole new stylish level, according to Popsugar.

5. Invest In Some Colorful Pillows

Flickr / Dan Perry

Doing this is extremely affordable and effective. Just buy a bunch of simple but colorful pillows, then throw them around to create splashes of color, whether on the lounge chair in your living room or on the wooden chairs at the kitchen table.

6. Put A Frame Around The TV

Flickr / Nicholas Nova

Now this is something you don’t see every day. If you’re looking for a decorative element to complement your TV but don’t feel like dropping money on a whole home-entertainment system, just use a frame! Match the border with whatever is in your room, and you’ve got yourself an attention-grabbing decoration.

7. Decorate With Fake Fruit And Flowers

Flickr / ProFlowers

Spruce up an empty corner of your house or add some color to a bland room by arranging a vase full of fake flowers or a bowl of fake fruit. Not only will these be pleasing to the eye, they will also never go bad — one less thing you have to worry about replacing.

8. Replace An Old Carpet With A Patterned One

Flickr / Boa-Franc

Floor carpets can get dirty fast. Before you know it, the carpet that you step on every day will start blending in with the ground outside. Toss out your old rug and replace it with a small, patterned carpet that’ll refresh the room with style.

9. Put Drawers Underneath Your Bed

Flickr / Jeremy Levine

When it comes to stylish homes, simplicity is key. So for those who are looking to get rid of some clutter, simply slide old drawers under your bed. It’s genius, looks cute, and fills up an empty area that usually just gathers dust anyway!

10. Add A Solid Couch Cover

Flickr / Maureen Lunn

If your couch is stained, tattered, and just plain sad looking, you are not alone. But until you save up for that piece of furniture you’ve been dreaming of, get a solid-colored cover that goes well with the rest of the room — and, most importantly, spans over everything.

Did we miss any hacks that can easily give your home decor a stylish facelift? Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE with your family and friends on Facebook!


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