10 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

I have compiled 10 clothing hacks every woman should know! These are all tried and true hacks that work like a charm. Feel free to pin and share with other women who might benefit from knowing these great tips! To find out more about the tips, click on the blue links to be taken to the original tutorial.

Strapless bras are often uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Learn a simple trick to hide bra straps using a bra clip, or a butterfly paperclip.

If you are between sizes, newly pregnant, postpartum, having cramps, or are simply bloated, this tip is a lifesaver! Learn how to extend your waistband using just a hair tie.

Thin pants, leggings, and workout attire can ride-up and cause unwanted cleavage often referred to as “camel toe”. To prevent pants from riding up, check out this hack by Grosgrain involving stiffened felt!


We’ve all been there! Your underwire pokes through the fabric and stabs you in the chest. Use this quick tip by Chaotically Creative to repair your underwire bra.

Deodorant stains ruining your look? Don’t change your shirt just yet! Try this easy deodorant removing hack to eliminate the white with just a few swipes. All you need is fabric for this easy fix!

6. Bracelet Clasp Hack

This is a fantastic trick to remember for securing your bracelet by yourself. All you need is a large paperclip. Simply bend the paperclip open and secure one end to your bracelet. Grip the paper clip with one hand and secure the clasp with the other. No need to call in reinforcements!

This is a great tip found over at Agape Love Designs. If your shoes have suddenly become too tight, don’t donate them quite yet. Find the “how to’s” here.

Zip up a dress by yourself with ease with this easy hack! All you need is a ribbon and/or clothespin. Click here for the full step-by-steps.

9. Double Sided Tape Clothing Hack

Blouses that gap between buttons can be tamed with double sided tape! You can use permanent double sided tape or for a better grip you can purchase Hollywood Fashion Tape that is made specifically for this purpose. Removable double sided tape will NOT hold. Simply place the tape in between the buttons wherever you experience a gap (as shown in the picture below). Just be sure to remove the tape before throwing your garment in the washer and dryer! The sticky residue will adhere itself to your clothing in the dryer. Permanent double sided tape may leave a sticky residue on your clothing, so it’s wise to test it first in an inconspicuous area before using.

10. Sweater Pill Razor Hack

Any pills on flat clothing can easily be removed with a disposable razor. Lay your garment on a flat surface and using a disposable razor simply shave the the pills right off! I don’t recommend this technique on sweaters but it works great on sweatshirts and other tight knits.

Here are some fabulous fashion hack products that I regularly use:

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**Disclosure: Any tips, hacks, tutorials, and recipes that you read off the internet, may or may not work as anticipated. If you choose to implement these hacks, you do so at your own risk. These hacks have worked for me but are not guaranteed to work, and may indeed damage your clothing/items. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. All tutorials and demonstrations are not intended to be professional advice.

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